EPA, Greenhouse Gas from Aircraft Emissions Endanger Human Health

On July 25, 2016, pursuant to the authority of Section 231(a) of the Clean Air Act (“CAA”) the U.S. EPA declared that emissions of greenhouse gas from aircraft endanger human health and the environment. The endangerment finding, which can be found at RIN 2060-AS31 opens the door for the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft. According to the EPA’s top air official, Janet McCabe, “the EPA has already set effective greenhouse gas standards for cars and trucks, and any future aircraft engine standards will also provide important climate and public health benefits.” According to the agency, 89% of U.S. aircraft emissions are covered under the finding which does not apply to small piston-engine planes or to military aircraft. The EPA has not set a projected timeline for a rule setting greenhouse gas limitations for aircraft; however, environmental groups are pushing for a rule before the end of the Obama administration.

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