EPA Boiler Rules In Effect

Last year, EPA released two final rules to reduce emissions of air pollutants from existing and new boilers and major and area source facilities: (1) the Boiler MACT Rule; and (2) the Area Source Rule. In response to an overwhelming number of comments and petitions for reconsideration, EPA proposed significant changes to both rules in December 2011.

The EPA had issued a Notice of Delay for compliance with the Boiler MACT Rule in May 2012, but that notice was vacated in January 2012. Therefore, despite the fact that portions of both rules are under reconsideration, affected boilers must begin compliance.

SGR has prepared a paper discussing these two rules, “EPA Emissions Rules and Work Practice Guidelines for Boilers,” which is available for download here.

For more information, or to discuss the effect of the final rules and proposed reconsideration on your facility and compliance with same, please contact Steve O’Day (,  Phillip Hoover ( or Jessica Lee Reece (

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