SGR Client Cox Enterprises Announces Program to Invest $25 Million in Cleantech Companies

SGR is proud to have the award-winning Cox Conserves program of Cox Enterprises as its client.  The program has laudable goals for carbon, waste and water neutrality, and SGR assists the company in the implementation of its efforts to meet those goals.  On June 13, 2016, Cox Enterprises took another giant step in its sustainability initiative by announcing that the company will invest $25 million in sustainable companies and technologies by 2020.

“Cox Enterprises has aggressive sustainability goals. We believe it’s not only smart for the environment, but it’s also good business,” said Alex Taylor, Executive Vice President for Cox Enterprises. “Our focus on the long-term demands that we protect our resources and leave the world in better condition than we found it.”

SGR’s Sustainability Practice Group looks forward to assisting Cox’s efforts in achieving its goals.

For more information, contact Steve O’Day.


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