Corporate Sustainability: The Game Changer.

SGR attorneys Steve O’Day and Jessica Lee Reece have co-authored an article in the current issue of Business to Business magazine.

Their article, Corporate Sustainability: The Game Changer, explains the concept of corporate sustainability in an environment with rapidly changing fiscal and corporate policy. Here is an excerpt:

Corporate Sustainability, often referred to as Triple Bottom Line Sustainability, is a targeted business strategy that considers a company’s long-term viability from all angles—social, environmental and fiscal.

In other words, corporate sustainability is where the philosophies of staunchly conservative economists and those of wildly idyllic environmentalists meet.

It goes without saying that the past five years have presented unprecedented business challenges. On the sustainability front, naysayers claimed that as the economy crumbled the “green movement” would fall to the wayside.  The reality has shown quite the contrary.

Companies learned quickly they cannot afford—literally and figuratively—to be wasteful with resources and unresponsive to changes in market opinion. As a result, full fiscal, social and environmental accountability has become the yardstick, not the exception.

And many executives are learning that going green is not the burden they may have once thought, but that the cost of not going green could be the price of a nail in the coffin.

For a complete copy of the story, please feel free to contact the authors directly, or request a copy of the latest Business to Business magazine.

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