Bruce McDonald Appointed to IP Court Advisory Council


Undeterred by tensions between the United States and Russia, SGR partner Bruce McDonald continues to attend meetings of the Advisory Council to the Intellectual Property Court of the Russian Federation, established in 2013, in his capacity as the only American and one of only four Westerners on the 67-member body.  Mr. McDonald was appointed to the Intellectual Property Court Advisory Council after delivering a presentation at the Russian Supreme Commercial Court in April 2013, in Russian, comparing and contrasting the American experience involving the separation of powers in constitutional governance with the separation of judicial power in the Russian judicial system resulting from the newly created Intellectual Property Court.  A protocol of the Council meeting on April 27, 2018, held at the International Chamber of Commerce in Moscow, is available here; a 22-second YouTube clip of the venue may be seen here; and comments on U.S. law regarding the divisibility of exclusive rights in copyrighted works, submitted by Mr. McDonald to the Intellectual Property Court on July 16, 2018, are posted here.


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