Ban on Disposal of Electronic Equipment in New York Took Effect January 1

Under a law enacted in 2010, a complete ban on the disposal of electronics went into effect statewide in New York on January 1. The ban applies to almost all electronics—TVs, computers, video game consoles, smartphones, tablets, etc.—but does not include appliances, light bulbs or batteries. Waste haulers are prohibited from picking up trash that includes electronics. Under the law, both the resident/business and the hauler can be fined for illegal disposal of electronics. A hearing is scheduled this month to set the amounts of applicable fines.

The law is intended to divert electronic waste to recyclers. For a map of the over 90 drop-off centers for e-waste in and around New York City, see

For more information on the e-waste disposal ban in New York, contact Steve O’Day.


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