American Business Women’s Day 2014

American Business Women’s Day is an official, national holiday occurring September 22 each year, established in 1986 by Congressional Proclamation (Joint Resolution 196) and by Presidential Proclamation 5532 (President Reagan) to recognize the significant and increasing contributions of women to our economy. This year, SGR Women’s Initiative is celebrating American Business Women’s Day by sending out a newsletter every day the week of September 22.

On Day 1, September 22, the newsletter features an overview about women owned businesses and throughout the week, each day a newsletter will shine a spotlight on two of our firm’s many women clients with some “up close and personal” interviews. These eight women work in a variety of industries but they share several traits: they are smart, talented accomplished and personable. We hope you’ll be entertained and informed, and we know you’ll be impressed by them!

Day 1

Women Owned Businesses –  An Overview of the Benefits and Process

Tracey Daniels and Anne Pitter

View Day 1

Day 2

American Business Women’s Day – Cooking Up a Storm

Tara Berman and Mary Moore

View Day 2

Day 3

American Business Women’s Day – When Opportunity Knocks

Marni Konner and Emmie Howard

View Day 3

Day 4

American Business Women’s Day – Women at the Top of Their Game

Lacey Lewis and Kathy Heustess

View Day 4

Day 5

American Business Women’s Day – Giving a New Meaning to “Women in Power”

Jennifer Budd Mattiello and Nancy Noble

View Day 5

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