States, Cities and Private Businesses Put U.S. Halfway to Paris Climate Accord Goal

Sustainable Earth & the Paris Climate Accord

According to a study released on September 25 by New Climate Institute and The Climate Group, efforts by states, cities and corporations to fight global warming have put the United States halfway toward its Paris Climate Accord goal even as President Donald Trump rolls back federal environmental efforts.  The efforts by public and private leaders have put Greenhouse gases on track to fall 12-14% below 2005 levels over the next eight years.  The study, which relied on data from the Carbon Disclosure Project, highlighted efforts by 22 states, 54 cities and 250 US-based businesses.  The study found that, in the private sector, commitments by companies to wean themselves off of fossil fuels and source power from wind and solar farms have been a major factor in reducing carbon emissions.

For more information on the Paris Climate Accord, contact Phillip Hoover or Steve O’Day.

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