Landmark Solar Energy Procurement Agreement Approved by Atlanta City Council

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Building on his successful work to establish a previously non-existent market in Georgia for direct sale of electricity from on-site solar systems owned by solar companies, Steve O’Day has represented SGR client Cherry Street Energy in securing, negotiating and preparing its Solar Energy Procurement Agreement (SEPA) to place solar systems on the rooftops of 28 buildings owned by the City of Atlanta.  Atlanta has set a goal to power its operations 100% by renewable energy by the year 2025.  As part of its work to achieve that goal, the City issued a RFP to solar companies interested in utilizing the Georgia Solar Energy Free Market Financing Act of 2015 (known in the solar trade as HB 57)—of which Steve O’Day was a principal drafter and negotiator—to build and operate solar systems on 28 City buildings and sell the electricity to the City.

Cherry Street Energy was formed in 2015 to pursue the new solar market created by HB 57.  Cherry Street teamed with Radiance Solar — one of Georgia’s most successful solar companies — in a proposal to the City in response to the RFP.  The Cherry Street/Radiance team was selected for the project.  Steve O’Day and SGR then negotiated with Atlanta’s Law Department and Office of Resilience to prepare and enter into the SEPA, which implements a 20-year solar energy program that is the largest municipal solar program in Georgia, and perhaps in the Southeast.  The SEPA was approved by Atlanta City Council on November 6, and the parties are proceeding to design, build and operate the solar projects.

For more information on solar systems financed by solar companies, contact Steve O’Day.

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