Trends and Prospects for ESG and De-Carbonization in the United States

Nov 5, 2021



(注)「ESG」とは:「Environment(環境)・Social(社会)・Governance(企業統治)」の頭文字をとったもの。2006年4月、当時の国連事務総長であったコフィー・A・アナン氏によって、国連責任投資原則(PRI=Principles for Responsible Investment)が提唱され、その中でESG課題について投資判断に反映すべきとされたのが始まり。

For companies doing business in the United States, “ESG” has become an important topic – an all-encompassing, ever changing set of ideals – that can no longer be ignored. However, the ideas, the principles, and the policy goals at the foundation of “ESG” are not always clear, and neither are the measures that companies are urged to take, leaving many companies searching for solutions that are often times not readily available.

In this presentation, we will endeavor to focus on: (i) ESG’s origins and stated intents, (ii) the legal aspects of companies’ potential responses to ESG demands, and (iii) the changing supply chain landscape as a result, with a focus on past, present and anticipated future regulations associated with the “de-carbonization” goals being touted in the automotive industry.

Speakers: Kiyoaki (Kiyo) Kojima, Partner at Smith Gambrell & Russell LLP

Trends and Prospects for ESG and De-Carbonization in the United States
November 5, 2021
3:00pm to 4:00pm ET

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